I first bought a Raspberry Pi B+ to be used as a home media player. I had a TV in my room and no aerial connected up to it.  I had a Amazon Fire stick for a while, but my curiosity was peaked so I got a Raspberry Pi, Stuck Kodi on it and never looked back.

From this point on I was addicted to messing with these little mini computers, whilst I only had the one Pi, I would flash and re-flash the card trying different builds, backup Kodi , Install RetroPie and try out the retro emulation stuff.

I now have 3 Raspberry Pi’s , 2 hard at work and 1 Raspberry Pi Zero looking for a new project. And this is where I am going to document that project.

I’m gonna take this Raspberry PI Zero , and stick it in a Gameboy Advance case. And run RetroPie on it so I can play some old games on a handheld.

I’ve been pretty safe with my Raspberry pi mess-arounds, I’ve not had to do any actual electronics works, it’s been all software up till now. But it’s important in life to keep learning and it’s gonna be fun!

A GBA and a Raspberry Pi Zero

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