What is Screeps?

It doesn’t look like much but Screeps is a game where you program your little “creeps” with scripts, javascript to be more precise. I’ve been playing just over a week now, and this is what my little room looks like.

You progress through the game by upgrading room controllers. The higher the room controller level the more structures types you are able to build and higher up the tech tree you can go.

At the moment my room level is 5, and my place is finally self-sustaining.
But I know before long I’ll have access to more complicated structures, global market trade, and other rooms to try and spread out too.

So I’ve decided to run a private server, with a version 2 of my code.
If I treat this first week as getting to grips with the game and tutorial, now the real fun begins.

Raspberry Pi Fever

I first bought a Raspberry Pi B+ to be used as a home media player. I had a TV in my room and no aerial connected up to it.  I had a Amazon Fire stick for a while, but my curiosity was peaked so I got a Raspberry Pi, Stuck Kodi on it and never looked back.

From this point on I was addicted to messing with these little mini computers, whilst I only had the one Pi, I would flash and re-flash the card trying different builds, backup Kodi , Install RetroPie and try out the retro emulation stuff.

I now have 3 Raspberry Pi’s , 2 hard at work and 1 Raspberry Pi Zero looking for a new project. And this is where I am going to document that project.

I’m gonna take this Raspberry PI Zero , and stick it in a Gameboy Advance case. And run RetroPie on it so I can play some old games on a handheld.

I’ve been pretty safe with my Raspberry pi mess-arounds, I’ve not had to do any actual electronics works, it’s been all software up till now. But it’s important in life to keep learning and it’s gonna be fun!

A GBA and a Raspberry Pi Zero